Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Music For Black Friday

Holidays are on their way, these decorations have so much to say.

"In The Mall," Weezer

I personally don't brave the mobs to hunt down bargains on Black Friday, if you do, may I suggest downloading Weezer's song, "In The Mall," into your ipod. This song takes me back to shopping days of yore, when my biggest concern was sneaking a box of Mike & Ike's Hot Tamales candy into the movie theater for the premiere of The Princess Bride.

Have a wonderful Thanskgiving holiday, everyone.


TALON said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Cathy! Have a fabulous holiday.

I wish they called Black Friday something else - it always sounds so ominous. Mind you, the way some people shop it can defnitely be scary!

Unknown said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Cathy.

Cookie said...

I used to love to go shopping with mysister on black friday. Although, we never got up at 4am!
But now we're not together for thanksgiving anymore and the sales aren't that good. just not the same.

Tiffany said...

We are meeting my family in Denver for Thanksgiving and I was teasing my sister who wants to go shopping on Friday - I said we can go to Old Navy at 3am, Kohls at 4 and Target at 5am. She emailed me back and said Osh Kosh opens at midnight! Soon the stores will have to open on Thanksgiving and it will be Black Thursday instead - no time for family on Thursday you have to go shopping.

Lynn said...

No Black Friday for me either. I did get a deal in a new laptop computer, but picked it up today. :) Most people don't realize that the sales are in effect on Wednesday before, too.

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

Maude Lynn said...

Great song!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

betty said...

and you too Cathy, have a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving! I'll have to check out that Weezer song :)


Honey Mommy said...

No Black Friday shopping for me! Thank heavens. I'd rather shop online!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Honey House!