Monday, December 14, 2009

Mommy Guilt Redemption Eludes Me

How do you know when your “mommy guilt” has gotten the best of you? When you knit your son a Christmas stocking, and he tells you to give it to the cat.
Last year, I wrote about how I guiltily “fast-tracked” a Christmas stocking for James by buying some premade felt ornaments and gluing them on a felt stocking I whip-stitched together. This stocking took me a few hours to make, compared to the many, many hours I spent sewing sequins on Ethan’s Christmas stocking. James’s stocking had the same glittery impact as Ethan’s, but deep down, I thought it was a sham.
Then, in October, I saw a pattern for a knitted stocking, and I had to buy it for James. The stocking took a few weeks to knit, compared to the few hours I spent on James’ first stocking. The amount of time I put into this project helped me write off my mommy guilt.
I confidently presented the stocking to James, anticipating his face lit up with joy over my effort. But instead of “Wow!”, I got “Eh.” What’s wrong? “Don’t you want this stocking instead of your old one?” I asked. “No,” he responded. “You should give it to Molly.”
I had gotten it all wrong. James didn’t care how many hours I put into a project, he just wanted a glittery stocking like his big brother’s. I should have left well enough alone.
So, Molly, what do you want for a stocking stuffer?


TALON said...

You did a beautiful job on the stocking - Molly's a lucky cat! My cats would ask for Fancy Feast and tuna juice ;)

I think it's cute that he wants things like his big brother's even if it means forgoing a beautifully crafted stocking. Mommy guilt is definitely over-rated, isn't it?

betty said...

that is a cool looking stocking! I know lots of work went into it too! so hard to please them sometimes, isn't it?


Destiny's child... said...

aww...that was unexpected! And what happened to it finally? Does Molly dear 'meow' around with it?

Stat Mama said...

The stocking is adorable! But yeah, it's the thought that counts - not the time put in. My grandma made me a beautiful stocking when I was little, and I don't know (or care) how much time went into it. I just know it's awesome and I looked forward to feeling the neat beading on it every Christmas (ahh, sensory seeking).

Lynn said...

Well Molly gets a great stocking and good for you that you made the effort! *I'm* impressed.

jabblog said...

Awww, give it to one of your nieces - Molly won't appreciate it!

Unseen India Tours said...

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Cookie said...

Beautiful job!
Funny how kids' minds work.