Friday, June 27, 2008

Potty Time

I curse the ease of
Pull-Up diapers when it is
time to potty train.

My mom had seven kids and has no advice for me on potty training. I think it's all a blur for her. Also, there were no Pull-Ups to tempt her--she just had to put us in underwear and deal with the accidents. That's where I'm at with James--I convinced myself that Pull-Ups would be a good transition to getting him used to sitting on the potty, but instead he just went in his Pull-Up. Why stop everything to go sit on a potty when it's just easier to go in your Pull-Up? When I ran out of Pull-Ups yesterday, I had to face my fears and actually put James in underwear and sit him on the potty. Yes, we're going hard core--wish us luck.

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Anonymous said...

i have 3, my youngest is 8 and i have no idea on earth how they were potty trained!!

maggie said...

Ooh, yah, that does sound tough. It's amazing how generations of people did the hardcore route just fine and would have been amazed at some of the options we have today. Good luck!!

Kathleen said...

it's scary, take lots of spare sets of clothes. At least it is summer, we did it in winter which was horrible. Good Luck

Maria said...

Hi Cathy,
I love reading your blog. Good luck with the ole potty training. We did "naked boot camp". We let them walk around with no bottoms for about two to three days and scheduled little or no outings during that time. Lots of rewards. For Dan it was "Poopie in the pottie and you get a Matchbox airplane". Lots of tears and tantrums and "I NEED MY PULL UP" but the firm approach did worked....although I do hope they don't need therapy someday as a result! Stay Strong:)

Cathy said...

Everyone's talking potty training today. Here's my (old) story -
Once it's done you'll feel so good - well, except for all the reminders to go. Oh and the wiping of the butt. When does that stop?

brightmyer said...

I have 3 girls, and they seemed to potty train themselves (they were all between 2 and 2 1/2). I just didn't make a big deal out of it and I didn't get upset with accidents.
This is my first time on your site, compliments of AllMediocre.

jennie said...

the boy never handled pull ups well either, eventually I just had to have a little chat with him (and myself) and did it the old fashioned way.