Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Love Them And Leave Them

My post-partum sister managed to make it to my house this past weekend for a family gathering. I couldn't wait to see her, and more importantly, Josie. When my sister sat Josie, which was sleeping in her car seat, on the living room floor, I stared at her in awe. Look at this picture of her, all snuggled up on my sister's shoulder like a lump of love. Babies are so soft and cuddly and innocent. When I hold one, I forget my problems and just be.
Josie was an angel at dinner and slept. Every once in a while, she'd softly squeak, something I forgot newborns did. Those sounds ratcheted up the maternal yearnings a little, but then reality set in. Josie's sleeping now, letting my sister and brother-in-law socialize, but in a couple of hours she'll be wide awake and demanding something--food, a diaper change--just when they will want to unwind and hit the hay. I never did well with the 24/7 newborn duty. I craved sleep when my two sons were newborns. I used to fantasize about staying in a hotel by myself with the curtains pulled and sleeping two days straight.
I must be still recovering from my newborn days, because as much as I love being around a baby, I don't want another of my own. Holding one and handing him or her back to the mother is more my speed.


brightmyer said...

Sweet baby!

Kathleen said...

i am totally with you on the hotel room, can't beleive how big my baby girl is now, hardly seems like a day ago she was like that.