Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Surf's Up In Colorado

We spent last Sunday morning at Boulder Reservoir, which has a large sandy swim beach. Reservoirs like these are the closest thing we Coloradans can get to a day at the beach. Water, sun and sand make it almost like the real thing. Except, if you look closely at the beach, you see there's only a veneer of sand over top of mud.

Not that our boys minded--the mud was the best part. Making mud pies and squishing their toes in the ooze kept them busy for a full hour.

They also loved splashing in the dank-smelling, alge-filled pools along the shore. At least while they were having all that dirty fun, I got to lay back on my towel, feel the sun on my face, and dream about a real beach vacation--Thailand, perhaps?


The Cole Mine said...

I LOVE this place, even though I only visited a couple times during my brief Boulder life. Glad you had a fun day!

brightmyer said...

Wow - I thought Colorado only had mountains. How'd have thunk you have beaches too.

Hi - I'm new to your site, compliments of AllMediocre. Great job!

Kathleen said...

the resevoir is such a great place we spend a lot of time up there mainly due to triathlons, but the boy is always in the water.