Monday, August 4, 2008

Men Really Are From Mars

My dear friend is on vacation this week, so I have no one to make snarky comments with about celebrities. It's killing me, to the point where I actually tried to talk to my husband about the state of Madonna's marriage to Guy Ritchie.

Here's how the conversation went:

Me: Did you see the picture of Madonna on the Comcast home page? Do you think she's really sick, like they said, or do you think they just tinkered with the photo to make her look sick?

Him: I don't know. (In other words, WHY are you asking me this???)

Me: Don't you look at the celebrity photos on the Comcast home page?

Him: NO.

I'm thinking--Well, what DO you read about on the Comcast homepage--politics, for Christ's sake?

Instead, I say: Well you've heard about Madonna's rumored affair with A-Rod, haven't you? Maybe that's why she looks sick?

Him: NO.

Me: Oh, well, she supposedly has had this steamy affair with A-Rod. He's currently going through a divorce over the affair, and the press says he has sent letters to Madonna saying he can't live without her.

Him: So???

OK, I get the hint. No point in putting our marriage on the rocks over some silly celebrity's affair. I count the days for my friend's return!


Kathleen said...

Oh dear men just don'tget it sometimes do they! I agree she did look pretty sickly the last photo i saw, mmm we will have to wait and see. catch sandra when she gets back as i am sure she'll be bringing some gossip mags home.

The Cole Mine said...

I think Madonna wants publicity. :)

EatPlayLove said...

oh please honey, just call me. I'll tell you all about how I think A-Rod is gay and that's why he loves madonna, because all gay men love madonna.

Doesn't your gay-dar go off with A-Rod, that frosted hair, waxed chest and eyebrows, gay, gay, gay!

jennie said...

so funny, at least he attempted to answer back instead of just staring blankly like a deer in head lights.