Thursday, August 14, 2008

Shedding Stuff Responsibly

It’s so easy to gather stuff for your kids—clothes, toys, baby equipment—but it’s a monumental challenge to get rid of the stuff responsibly. I’ve tried many routes, including selling to consignment stores or posting items on Craigslist. These services are great for getting stuff at a good price, but it can be more work than it's worth to sell stuff. Plus, I have to separate all the clothes and toys that won’t sell and donate them myself.
That’s why my Thrifty Green Thursday Tip of the week is to sell things through Just Between Friends sales. It combines the best of both worlds in that you have the option of donating the items that are not sold.
These sales happen in many states throughout the country. Each franchise does a spring and fall sale. If you consign, you get 65% of the price you set. Plus if you volunteer to work the sale, you get 70% of the price set. In addition, consignors and volunteers get to shop before the sale opens to general public, getting first dibs on the best stuff.
It’s a lot of work to get things ready for the sale, but worth it because the sales have high traffic. I’ve sold more than half of the stuff I’ve listed at higher prices than when I’ve listed things on Craigslist. For example, I could only get rid of children’s clothes on Craigslist if I priced each item at $1.50 a piece. But at JBF sales, I’m able to price clothes starting at $4 per item. Plus, they automatically donate the stuff that doesn’t sell, so I never have to see it again.
So if your closets are bursting with baby and kid stuff you no longer need, consider get checking out JBF’s web site and find a sale near you. For more Thrifty Green Thursday tips, click here.


Rebecca said...

Great tip! I had never heard of this before, and it sounds like an excellent way to get rid of a lot of stuff. You're right--it can be more trouble than it's worth to get rid of everything item by item on Craigslist.

Thanks for joining our blog carnival at the Green Baby Guide!

Joy said...

I had never heard about Just Between Friends sales before--it sounds like a great deal and a good way to recycle quality children's clothes. Thanks for enriching our Thrifty Green Thursday carnival!

The Cole Mine said...

I am glad to learn about this resource! Thank you!

EatPlayLove said...

oh do I have some stuff to shed! I am torn with having yard sales where I did horribly here at my house and had the worst experience. The will never do that again.

And craigslist, it great when strangers actually follow through. I think I'll check it out for Sept!