Friday, November 7, 2008

Sweating The Small Stuff

It’s election night.
I’ve waited eight years for this.
Will Obama win?

Fire up the laptop
To check exit poll status.
Wait—no Internet!

Panic floods through me
Our new computer is broke
I feel sick inside.

And in the meantime
Obama makes history.
Someone please slap me.

I should feel glad but
Frustration curbs elation
Would yoga help me?

Haiku Friday
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LceeL said...

The jubilation will last longer than it takes for your laptop to get fixed. So there's no need to slap you. Maybe a little yoga WOULD help. Breathe deep. Let it out slow. There.

Lovely Haiku.

Cookie said...

No internet?! That is horrible!

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Cody had the tv set to a channel broadcasting info, as well as, various sites up on his could've just called me :) Okay, I know you don't have my number. haha

MaryAnn Ashley said...

Wasn't that an amazing night!

I feel like we are all ready to buckle down, work hard and anticipate a new era.

maggie said...

Oh my. You've since been able to catch the speeches on YouTube, though, no? McCain's gracious concession and Obama's awesome acceptance are truly beautiful speeches.

jennie said...

I hope your new computer is fixed by now. I felt the same way when my iphone broke the day i found out i was pregnant. so bad.

yes we did!

Rebecca said...

Great haikus. Now you have a story to tell about what you were doing and thinking the moment Obama won the presidential race. Maybe not that exciting of a story, but a story none the less!

We just "tagged" your blog over at the Green Baby Guide. Check out Sunday's post to see what this means!