Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Green Gift To You

Brighter Planet, a Vermont-based non-profit organization that works to prevent climate change, has a great new campaign for the holidays. By clicking on its badge in the sidebar, you will receive the gift of carbon neutrality for a day. The more we can become carbon neutral, the greater chance we have of slowing down, and even preventing, global warming.
The average American emits 136 pounds of carbon dioxide each day, which contributes to global warming. About 36 pounds come from driving, flying and other travel. Another 22 pounds come from heating, cooling and powering our homes. The final 78 pounds come from producing, transporting and disposing of all the stuff we buy, and from shared services like schools and street lights.
To claim this gift, click on the badge and fill out the form. Then Brighter Planet will donate 136 pounds of offsets in your name. Your only obligation is consider Brighter Planet's suggestions of conserving for the holidays.
So click on the badge and give the gift of a healthier environment to all.


Memarie Lane said...

So where are they getting these offsets from then? I'm not sure I understand. Isn't giving someone an offset giving them permission to pollute the air I have been granted to pollute but am not doing so? I'm really confused.

LceeL said...

Does that take into account the flatulence I seem to experience from time to time?

but, okay, I clicked.