Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Knit Those Mitts

A minor miracle has occurred in the Bowen household. It took me five months, but I actually completed a knitting project, a pair fingerless gloves. I got the pattern from A Friend to knit with.
Why did it take me five months to complete one pair of fingerless gloves? Three words—double-pointed needles. Man, are those things tricky! I made every mistake known to the knitting world while trying to make these gloves. I dropped stitches. I twisted stitches. I accidentally added stitches. At the end of making one glove, I forgot how to bind off stitches and had to rip out the whole glove.
By now you’re probably thinking I’m a bit of a masochist. No, I’m just a bad knitter whom aspires to become a better one. Even though double-pointed needles are hard to use, they open up a world of small items, like socks and hats, that, relatively speaking, are quick to knit compared to a sweater.

So what will I torture myself with next? My niece Josie has inspired me to knit her a pair of baby socks. The finished sock in the pattern measures 4 inches, and her foot is exactly 4 inches long. The pressure is on.

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hokgardner said...

COngratulations! Isn't a finished project just the best feeling?

I compare using double pointed needles to knitting with a handful of porcupines. But it does get easier, I promise.

Kathleen said...

I hate those DPNs too, and try to find hat patterns that don't require them, or at least not until the final rounds at the top.

I found a great circular needle that is small enough to knit hats on (not socks though) so that makes it much easier to knit up a hat in a few days.

The gloves look great! Good choice of yarn.

MaryAnn Ashley said...

LOL... the pressure is on - 4" on 4". That's hilarious. Congrats.

Quirky Mom said...

Kudos to you! Are the gloves comfy? I'm too scared to even try knitting.

P.S. I have given my blog readers a homework assignment on my blog. I hope you have time to come over and contribute! :)

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Woo-hoo! On to the next piece eh?!