Friday, June 5, 2009


Crinkled red petals
Soak up the sun’s steady pulse.
Drunken summertime.
Click here for more sky photos.
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jabblog said...

Another clever amalgamation of two memes - well done! I love poppies and yes! - the heat makes everyone and everything slightly intoxicated!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture you've painted with words.

Jim said...

Hi Cathy, poppies are sooooo pretty flowers. Yours hit the spot. I like your Tanka verse, it does nicely, especially the "Drunken Summertime" third line.
Happy Sky Looking, thank you for checking on me and your kind comment.

Jim said...

Cathy, this one won't be for posting but an invitation for you to participate in a weekly--when you have time--poetry writing post. Have you thought about doing a prompted Sunday (or later in the week?) poem or Haiku?
There is a group, One Single Impression, that does this on the weekly prompt. Most will write some or all haiku.
This week's prompt is denoumont,
next week is intersection.
My poems, such as they are, can be found here:
You will have to paste that in, I can't get links to work on comments.
Every prompted poem on my blog carries a link to the One Single Impression site.
Again, I am not a real poet but do have fun playing with words and poetry. And reading the others.


Mariposa said...

Now, that is a haiku! ;)

Have a great weekend...

Mariposa's Haiku

Dianne said...

drunken summertime! what a wonderful image
beautiful flowers and a stunning sky

bernthis said...

great photo. the contrast of colors is amazing

storyteller said...

Beautiful poppies against the interesting sky ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

a corgi said...

beautiful poppies and I like your haiku!

enjoy your day


Kathleen said...

love poppies!

Tina said...

those look really nice against the dark green and pretty cloudy sky. great angle shot