Monday, November 16, 2009

Receiving--And Giving--My Favorite Things

Last Saturday I received an unexpected treat. A scarf, hand knit in mohair by the lovely Hokgardner, arrived in the mail. I won the scarf in a giveaway she did a month ago. It snowed eight inches in Denver this weekend, so I got to try it out right away. The scarf is my new favorite thing—it felt like a layer of down as I trudged through snow to get Ethan to school this morning.
Now I’ve got a giveaway for you, consisting of another of my favorite things—sushi. I constantly crave sushi, probably because my kids would never step foot in a sushi restaurant. Plus, I’m hesitant to buy sushi at grocery store since these packages do not list whether the Sake is made from wild Alaskan salmon (good) or farmed salmon (bad).
I’m starting to think maybe I should satisfy my sushi cravings by making it myself—that way I can feel good that the fish I’m eating, such as wild Alaskan salmon or Albacore tuna found off U.S. Canadian shores, isn’t overfished or high in mercury or PCBs.

If you, too, are so inclined, enter my giveaway for a sushi deluxe set, courtesy of CSN Stores. From counter stools to luggage, this online retailer of home and office goods has more than 200 different online stores to meet your shopping needs.
The sushi set consists of:
  • one bamboo sushi rolling mat;
  • one bamboo sushi rice paddle;
  • one three-step sushi maker;
  • two dipping sauce dishes;
  • and two chopstick rests.
To enter, leave a comment on this post stating your favorite sushi restaurant—mine is Kotobuki in Chicago—by Saturday, November 21, midnight mountain standard time. The contest is open to U.S. residents only. I will announce the winner on my blog Monday, November 23. Good luck!


hokgardner said...

I'm glad the scarf arrived safely and that you like it. I had fun knitting it.

I'm not going to enter the contest, though. I'm not a fan of sushi - or of fish even. Weird for someone who grew up on the beach, I know.

Lynn said...

I really only like California Roll so I won't consider myself entered. I would rather the prize go to someone who would actually use it. (I did make sushi before at a cooking class though. It is kind of fun.)

You'll let us know how your homemade sushi turned out?

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

That is soooo funny! I just bought a sushi rolling kit yesterday :D haha

I learned how to make it when I was in Hawaii. I have been dying to try it out! And we picked up our 10lb shipment of sustainably caught Alaskan sockeye salmon which will be great in a roll :D

Jenny said...

I would love to win this!. I can't ever find anyone to go to a sushi restaurant with me--so I have never been in one, but I have eaten tons from my grocery--probably a bad idea!
I used to have a (DVR'd) episode of Alton Brown making them on food network, but I never got around to buying to stuff to do it with, so I finally erased it.
I would LOVE to make my own :)

Talon said...

The scarf is lovely and must feel incredibly soft and luxurious.

I've never eaten sushi in my life. I love fish, too...go figure!

I hope whoever wins the giveaway has a lot of fun using the kit and I can't wait to hear how your attempts go.

That corgi :) said...

congrats on winning the scarf! sounds like an appropriate thing for someone in Colorado to win!! and eight inches of snow! that would be neat to see (like I think I said before, love the first snows of the season and the last ones of the season, January snows I can do without)

I have never had sushi. I want to try it but hubby is not one to want to try exotic things like this. but its a cute give away!


Pooch said...

Making sushi sounds like a fun adventure! I just love the header on your blog!! Absolutely precious!

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

What a cool idea for a giveaway! My favorite sushi restaurant is Blowfish in San Francisco. It's incredible!

Cookie said...

Isn't it too early for snow?!
Yay! for the scarf!
I am not a sushi fan. But my husband is :)

jennie said...

I love sushi however iodine and I don't mix well, you know that siamese plate delivers and I think they are pretty good too.