Friday, June 13, 2008


In night's depths small hands

cuddle green fur to make a

comforting rattle

This haiku is dedicated to James' favorite stuffed animal, Eppa. We know when James is restless at night because we hear Eppa's rattle go off as James rolls around. But he doesn't cry because Eppa is there to comfort him. Do you haiku? Click here to learn more.


maggie said...

Aw, that's really very sweet. Loved the haiku and the picture, too.

Kathleen said...

how cute, it's nice to know he has something like that to comfort him and isn't crawling into your bed for comfort!

EatPlayLove said...

in our house, it's grey and we call her Elda. Very sweet.

Destiny's child... said...

So cute! :)