Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Hairy Situation

When your a mom with young kids, swimsuit season isn't a season, it's year round. My biggest issue with wearing a swimsuit in public isn't how I look in it (OK, it is.). But a close runner up is shaving, particularly the bikini area. I always end up with razor burn, which is irritated even more after swimming in chlorinated water.
So after my success with DIY hair coloring, I decided to look into DIY waxing. I went to Bliss' web site to look at their waxing kits. I found its Poetic Waxing kit and read what T. McConnell from Terre Haute, Ind., had to say about it:

"This waxing kit is AMAZING! It removes even the most stubborn hair in one try, and was gentle enough for even sensitive areas (not to mention that it smells great!). I'll never go back to shaving, depilatories, or another wax again. "

Pretty convincing, especially for a mom whom has to swim with her kids at least once a week and can't take the razor burn any longer. I ordered the kit and gave it a try a few weeks ago. I followed the directions perfunctionally: I used the cleanser on the area I wanted to dehair first, then coated my skin with the pre/post waxing oil while I heated up the wax in a double boiler. When the wax melted, I smeared it on and waited for it to harden. I get my brows waxed, so I knew this was going to be painful. But Holy S#$%!! I had to do it in stages it hurt so much. But after the pain subsided, I checked the results and was so pleased--no hair!! It really worked.

T. McConnell, whomever you are, thanks for your great review. Now I can dehair myself at home with confidence.


Alice said...

OK - you convinced me to give this a whirl! Always after the best wax. I used to get some stuff in a little silver pot that I'd heat on the stove, but I can't find it anymore. : (

Kathleen said...

ah the joys of parenthood!

Pamela Kramer said...

You are freakin brave! I'm in awe of you. LOLOL

The Cole Mine said...

Might give this a try! Thanks!

LceeL said...

If you were one of the people I normally comment on - if you knew me - if I wasn't afraid of really offending you - I'd offer to kiss it and make it better.

EatPlayLove said...

I've heard about this poetic waxing...hmmm now if I could muster up the courage to do what you did! I once bruised myself trying to wax my bikini area, not good.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

If you ever do use something else, I highly recommend witch hazel afterwards. NO razor burn/rash.
It's a miracle.
(came here from allmediocre!)

the mama bird diaries said...

CAN'T handle the waxing. too painful. it's a problem.