Thursday, June 5, 2008

He's a Big Boy Now

Yesterday was Ethan's graduation from kindergarten. I used to think it was little much to make such a big deal about leaving kindergarten--you still have five more years of elementary school. But the speech Ethan's principal gave at the ceremony's beginning got me thinking. She described how the kindergarteners start out as caterpillars that, by the end of the year, have transformed into butterflies from all the experiences kindergarten provides.
The speech made me realize what a big deal this year has been for both Ethan and myself. Once Ethan started kindergarten, homelife became a little less all-encompassing, and school, with its academics and peer interaction, became a major factor in Ethan's life.

And while the transformation wasn't painless, Ethan has become a beautiful butterfly. He struggled academically, but persevered and made tremendous progress. School also introduced him to art, which I think will be lifelong creative outlet for him.

For me, the ceremony solidified how time marches on. A sign on the wall behind the 100 kindergarteners read "Class of 2020." That sounds so far away, but then again, when Ethan was a baby, kindergarten seemed far away, too. During the ceremony, I had to say good bye to Ethan's baby- and toddlerhood. It was good I had this occasion to savor it before it flew away.


Kathleen said...

How time flies. I can already feel a lump in my throat thinking about david.

jennie said...

2020!!!! Holy Moly. It will fly though.

Natalie said...

2020...gulp. i haven't ever considered the year my kids will graduate. that almost makes me want to cry!

EatPlayLove said...

Well that makes Sj the class of 2021 and funny enough I graduated in 1991.

The Cole Mine said...

They grow up way too fast... I like the butterfly analogy.