Friday, June 6, 2008


Chest stuck out
King of his domain

But not impervious
To a toddler's love.

My sweet cat, Milo, passed away last December, and we all still really miss him. He lived life to the fullest--he overate, picked fights with other cats, and kept Molly, our other cat, in line. He loved to visit our neighbors and charm them into feeding him. The one person he couldn't control was Ethan. As much as he would have liked Ethan to leave him alone, Ethan wouldn't hear of it. He would pick Milo up and force him to sit with him on the couch. "Milo, your the best cat in the world," Ethan would tell him. I guess the flattery worked--Milo would stay put while Ethan petted him. Either that, or Milo was smart enough to know he wouldn't win this battle. Do you Haiku? Click here to learn more.


maggie said...

I didn't get the 5-7-5 of this haiku, but it was still super sweet. I'm sorry about Milo. My kitties are like children to me.

The Cole Mine said...

I'm glad you have such fond and special memories of Milo. I'll never forget my long time kitty friends.